Eyebrow waxing

Professional Eyebrow Waxing

Hey Bombshell! As you probably already know, having sleek, bold eyebrows can make or break your appearance. There is nothing better than freshly cleaned, shaped, and groomed eyebrows; when done correctly. Using a DIY waxing kit or over-the-counter products at home can be dangerous and painful which is why we recommend all of our Bombshells to stick to the professionals when it comes to their brows. As a premier waxing salon with locations in Richmond, VA and Las Vegas, we know what it takes to remove unwanted hair painlessly for long-lasting results.

Brow Waxing

Waxing removes hair directly from the root as opposed to shaving, which removes only the visible hair from the surface. Our estheticians apply our signature hard wax to the brows to gently remove the unwanted hair. Since the hair is removed from the root, your stunning brows should last 4-6 weeks. 

All of our waxing services begin with a consultation with one of our expert waxing technicians. During the consultation, you will discuss how you wish for your brows to look, if you have any skin sensitivities, and any concerns you may have. Expect nothing less than focused attention when you come into our Brazilian waxing & beauty lounge for your waxing appointment. At Bombshell we are all about pampering you and helping you to look and feel great.

If you have sensitive skin we have a numbing cream that we use to ensure you are comfortable throughout your waxing appointment. If you do require numbing cream, we ask that you allow for an extra 30 minutes for your appointment. 

Customized Eyebrow Tinting

If your eyebrows don’t match your hair, it can throw off your whole look. Eyebrow tinting is here to save the day! Brow tinting is a process that uses semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your eyebrows; including those hard to see hairs around the perimeter of your brows! All of our eyebrow tints are customized to meet your needs, based on what was discussed during your consultation. After the color sits on your eyebrows for 5-10 minutes, your esthetician will wipe the color off and wah-la, beautiful brows that match your hair color are revealed. Expect your newly tinted brows to last 4-6 weeks. 

Tips For Maintaining Brows From Eyebrow Experts

If you want your newly shaped brows to last, you will need to take the time to care for them, before and after your appointment. To help you maintain your eyebrows longer, here are our favorite eyebrow maintenance tips from our expert technicians.

Before Your Waxing Appointment

How you care for your eyebrows before your appointment is just as important as how you care for them after visiting our salon. Keep the following tips in mind next time you visit for an eyebrow waxing.

  • Just like your hair, know what eyebrow shapes and styles you like to help guide your esthetician to create the perfect brows for you! If you do not know what shape looks good on you, our waxing experts can guide you in the right direction based on your face shape. 
  • Avoid using makeup on or around your eyebrows on the day of your appointment, especially brow filler or powder as well as eye makeup. The brow powder can make it difficult for your waxing specialist to see what hair needs to be removed. Additionally, even though your brows will be cleaned before the wax strips are applied, makeup residue can clog freshly opened pores. 
  • If you have ever had other parts of your body waxed, you know the length of the hair matters. We tell our Bombshells to grow their brow hairs to ? to ¼ of an inch. The longer the hair, the better the wax will work, giving you better results. 
  • Do not bake in the sun. If your skin is sunburnt from tanning, we will have to reschedule your appointment to give your skin time to heal. In addition, we also recommend you avoid using self-tanners as waxing can remove the color from the self-tanner along with the unwanted hairs. 
  • Inform your waxing expert if you have any allergies or are on any medications that could result in a bad reaction. Honesty is key when it comes to all of our waxing services.

Eyebrow Waxing Appointment Aftercare

These tips are helpful to everyone, but especially those who are prone to bad reactions or inflammation after waxing.

  • One of the most common side effects after eyebrow waxing is inflammation and redness. Typically, the red, inflamed skin will subside over time, but to get relief faster we highly recommend applying aloe vera to the irritated area. Additionally, our estheticians always apply a post-depilatory oil or lotion to the waxed area to help reduce irritation. 
  • Avoid plucking stray hairs. It is likely that after your brow waxing session that you may find some stragglers that the wax did not get. If you immediately start tweezing your brows, you can cause further irritation. If you must remove the stray hairs, wait a couple of days to give your skin time to heal before grabbing the tweezers. 
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Moisturizing the area around your eyebrows after waxing is critical because the moisture will help the brows heal and soothe the skin. It also helps to avoid ingrown hairs!
  • Don’t obsess over your brows. They are supposed to be sisters, not twins. They should coordinate with one another, rather than being identical, even after having your eyebrows waxed. 


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Perfect Eyebrows Ahead

For eyebrows that wow, book an appointment at either our Richmond or Las Vegas salon locations. Whether this is the first time you are getting waxed or you get waxed regularly, Bombshell will make it an exceptional experience. Get rid of unwanted hair and boost your confidence today.