Hair Color Correction To The Rescue

DIY hair coloring gone wrong? Sometimes when we try to color our own hair using at-home color products to recreate hair color trends, things go bad and we end up with a color that looks nothing like the box! Now what? That’s where our expert hairstylists at Bombshell Beauty Lounge can come in to save the day. Before the hair color correcting begins, our stylists will work with you to make sure you are both on the same page regarding the new hair color you actually wanted to achieve. If you find yourself in a hair disaster situation, give one of our four salon locations a call to book your hair color correction consultation and start the process of loving your beautiful hair again.

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What is Hair Color Correction?

So what exactly is hair color correcting? This is a question our professional hairdressers get asked all the time. To put it simply, hair color correction is the process used to fix an undesirable result caused by a hair color job gone wrong. Depending on the color or shade you are trying to achieve, your hair designer will either tone, bleach, or dye your hair. 

When it comes to having your hair color corrected, it is important to ask your stylists the following question during your consultation to ensure your expectations are on par. Is the color you want something that can be achieved in one appointment or will it take multiple appointments? No matter how many years of experience a hairdresser has, they cannot perform magic. 

Corrective Color in Las Vegas and Richmond

Unfortunately, the laws of color and color theory will only allow for your hair to be darkened or lightened so much in one sitting. You also have to take the health of your hair into account. For example, bleaching can be extremely damaging to your hair; therefore, your hair will need a break in between appointments to “recover” from the bleaching process. The last thing we want to do is damage your hair even more.

Color Correcting Hair: The Process

When it comes to the process of color correction, the technique used will vary based on the current hair’s condition and what the problem is. Generally, the process will include the use of toners and purple shampoos to neutralize the color of your hair along with dyeing. The goal is usually to make hair much lighter or darker. Depending on the overall health of your hair, your stylist may recommend a deep conditioning treatment in addition to color services to nourish your mane and reverse any damage that had previously occurred. Color correction will involve one or more of the following processes:

Color Correction with Toner

If you were trying to make your brunette hair lighter, it is possible that you ended up with orangey, reddish, or brassy tones as a result. Hair toner is used to correct the brassiness, giving your hair a cool blonde color instead. Purple or blue toners can be used to decrease the amount of orange or red in your hair. Toning hair is as simple as applying it to your hair, then rinsing it out. 

Color Correction with Bleach

You may have been attempting to add some highlights to your hair for the summer but didn’t achieve the golden blonde you were imagining. This is the result of leaving the bleach in for too long, or not long enough. Have no fear, your hair colorist will be able to help! After letting your hair recover, our professionals can take over to ensure the bleach is left in for the correct amount of time; resulting in beautiful bombshell blonde highlights.

Color Correction with Hair Dye

Since this is the least damaging, this is the most popular solution for color-correcting hair; especially if you are trying to make your blonde hair darker. Your highly-trained colorist will use their knowledge to add warmth back to your hair by neutralizing any undertones. A second dye job may be necessary to achieve the best hair color. This is a popular option for blending spots that may have been missed during the original dye job, resulting in splotches or lines of color in your hair.

How Long Should You Wait To Do Color Correction?

If your hair is just slightly off from the color you were aiming for, you may be able to get your hair corrected immediately. However, if your hair took a turn for the worse and is nowhere near what you were hoping for, you may have to wait 4-6 weeks and sit through multiple hair appointments to reach the desired color. In general, you should wait 2 weeks before coloring your hair again. If toning is all that is necessary, that may be done the same day. 

If your hair color did not come out as you expected, book a free consultation with one of our talented hair stylists to get a professional opinion on what can be done to reach the desired color. If you have photos of how your hair color has changed from your natural hair color since the dye job, bring those along. This will help guide us to the right color correction process for you.

Please read our salon policies before making an appointment – Thank you!