Professional Waxing Salon in Richmond & Las Vegas

Please read our waxing tips before making an appointment – Thank you!

Bombshell Professional Waxing Salon

Hey Dollface! Looking for affordable professional waxing salons in the Las Vegas and Richmond areas? Bombshell offers traditional men’s and women’s waxing services at several locations for your convenience! Whether you need a quick brow wax or practically painless waxing in more sensitive areas, our wax lounges provide you with the best waxing services you deserve with an old-Hollywood flair.

Intimate Waxing – Brazilian Bikini Wax & More!

Upcoming pool party or beach vacation? Bombshell’s Brazilian waxing services in Las Vegas and Richmond use our very own award winning signature wax that removes all unwanted hair so you feel confident and sexy slipping into anything. With Bombshell’s signature techniques for performing practically painless Brazilian Bikini’s, a heart shaped landing strip, and even between the cheeks, our wax and sugar experts will make sure you are feeling great and ready for any occasion.

Pink haired woman in a cheetah bikini on a waxing table with a bombshell pillow in front of her
Black haired woman holding her hair in a black dress

Brow, Lip and Face Waxing

Say goodbye to unsightly facial hair with Bombshell’s brow, lip and face waxing services in Richmond and Las Vegas! Specializing in facial hair removal, our wax experts can help remove hair from the top of your lip, chin, and sides of your face with our all over face waxing package. Looking for the best brow shape for your face? Our Bombshell Brows service includes a consultation for your best brow design and includes suggestions for maintenance so you’ll have beautiful eyebrows for weeks to come!

Body Waxing for Hair Removal

Throw away the razor and visit Bombshell for perfectly smooth skin that lasts for weeks on end! Waxing your legs, arms, and everything in-between is quick, easy and practically painless at our waxing salons throughout Las Vegas and Richmond. Want to get ready for swimsuit season? We can help you get rid of any unwanted underarm hair, toes, and everything in between. Simply choose your location above to book online or call to schedule an appointment now!

Waxing Hair Removal Services for Men

Waxing isn’t just for women! Men throughout Las Vegas and Richmond come see us to remove excessive body hair from their chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs, and even the male Brazilian called the “Rio”. Sporting an unsightly unibrow? Let us help ensure your eyebrows stay perfectly fierce for weeks with our men’s eyebrow waxing and trimming services for the thousand yard stare that will grab attention. Ready to get started? Simply call the location nearest you and we’ll connect you with a certified wax expert specializing in the best waxing services for men and help you schedule an appointment today! Online booking available as well!

Pink room with waxing table, wax materials and lights in the right corner

Please read our waxing tips before making an appointment – Thank you!