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Don’t Gamble with Your Hair

Bombshell Beauty Salon is a Sure Bet!

Whether you are looking for a little trim or you want to reveal your inner Diva with a full-on hair renovation and go from black to platinum, long to short or short to long, Bombshell’s Las Vegas locationis the hair salon that gives you exactly what you want. Our gifted hair artists love to take care of your hair like no other.

Our full -service hair salon is the perfect place for a quickie trim up or a luxurious afternoon of primping and pampering. We have the skillset that can ramp up your sex appeal and have you feeling great about your hair.

Hair Salon In Las Vegas

The Risky Business of Picking a Hair Salon

There is a lot of risk in Vegas but your hair is something you just do not want to take any chance with. At Bombshell Hair Salon every card you pull will put you in the winner’s circle. We get it choosing a new hair salon can be a drag. You want convenience, you want fair prices and you want a hairstylist that listens.

We deliver it all and more. Our goal is to deliver the hair salon experience that makes you feel relaxed and lets you enjoy the process. We are conveniently located in the Fremont East District of Las Vegas.

You can find Bombshell Beauty Lounge on the ground floor of the Ogden condominium complex. We are just a short walk from the Fremont Stress Experience. Parking is free and located in the lot right across the stress from the shop. Parking spots have pink Bombshell signs!  How’s that for convenient?

At Bombshell you get it all. Convenience, high-quality haircare, and every service at just the right price. It is a win-win option for your hair care needs!

Winning feels so good especially when it comes to your hair!

Avoiding Hair Regrets

Doll Face, we are here to help you avoid those bad salon hair regrets. Cheap products, lack of skills, and, scissor happy stylists are all a recipe for hair regret. We all have experienced that period in our lives where we just made the wrong salon choice and paid for it with hair we hated for months!

The easiest way to avoid hair regret is to choose a salon that is focused on your hair goals and that has the staff of experts on hand to help you meet them. You do not have to settle for so-so when you can have WOW!

Bombshell knows how to deliver that wow factor on any type of hair. We work with your hair not against it to get the results that exceed expectations. Our hairdressers know hair and know how to handle your type of hair to get it to behave!

High-Quality Products that Care for Your Hair is Just the Start

Our commitment to our clients is all about quality. We deliver high-quality results because we use high-quality products for all our services from highlights to low lights to full head color to shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioning treatment. Everything that we use on our clients we are more than happy to use on ourselves!

This is where you find complete hair care services that are based on the best in practice philosophy. We take care of your hair so that it looks simply amazing.

Quality for us is also about listening to our clients and helping them make the right decisions about their hair to reach their hair goals. We are not like the production “cut and blow” beauty salons. We take our time with each client to make sure they get the look that they love and feel good about.

At Bombshell we do not want to just provide a haircut and style, we want to provide you with an experience. We want to build a relationship with our clients.  We think that is the better way to do things!

Always on Trend

Our stylists love what they do, and they constantly are on the lookout for ways to evolve their skills. They stay on the cutting edge of hair trends to ensure that they are delivering up to the minute styles for our clients.

The hairstylists at Bombshell are accomplished colorist and hair cutting experts. We believe that creating beautiful hairstyles is an art and to get the best results you need an artist to help manage it.

Our hairstylists are here to help you get that up to the minute look that gets you looking smoking hot. When you leave our hairstylist chair you will step out of the salon with a new sense of confidence.

What Can We Do for Your Look?

We can do it all! Betty bangs ($20), vintage hairstyles, regular bang trim ($15), all over color(starting at $90), double process blondes (starting at $100), highlights (starting at $80), fantasy colors (starting at $80), Brazilian Blow-Out Pro Smoothing treatments( starting at $250), hair extensions (starting at $250) and so much more.

We collaborate with you to give you the look that you want. Our hair artists have the technical skill and the vision to make your hair goals a reality.  Let’s get you in the chair and create the you, that you see yourself as!

For the Fellas

At Bombshell Las Vegas we offer a wide range of hair services to help the guys stay looking sharp and sexy! Men’s haircuts start at $30. Beard trim and shaping, gray blending and beard color will all have you looking your best and ready for anything. Stop by and get the attention you deserve to look your best whether it is for your big night out or you just want to keep that image looking sharp!

We Take Care of You from Head to Toe

Make a day of it by booking waxing services, manicures/pedicures, spray tanning and of course let’s get your hair looking amazing. You can get all the beauty treatments and attention that you deserve in one easy to reach location.

Take advantage of our comprehensive beauty lounge services by booking your appointment today right online!


Bombshell employs a Level System of pricing for hair services. Our technical team moves through levels based on various criteria that challenge their skills, including advanced training requirements that meet or exceed service, sales, and technical excellence, and general performance goals.

Las Vegas
150 N Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Hours of Operation

Sunday- Closed
Monday – 10am – 7pm
Tuesday – 10am – 7pm
Wednesday – 10am – 7pm
Thursday – 10am – 8pm
Friday – 10am – 8pm
Saturday – 10am – 6pm

Getting your hair done by a Bombshell Artist will keep your bill to a minimum, but your style on the edge. Artist pricing is a little bit lower than any other level due to the shorter amount of time in the industry. Artists may not always be a stylist that is right out of hair school but rather someone who is new to our salon.

Senior Artists are hair stylists who have completed at least one year at the Artist level. They pride themselves on knowing current trends in this constantly changing industry. Bombshell Senior Artists have earned their position by dedicating themselves to client satisfaction, retention and knowledge.

Master Artists are hair stylists who have mastered the most up-to-date cut and color techniques and they have the ability to teach these techniques to our team. A Bombshell Master Artist is an ambassador for all things Bombshell and deliver long lasting impressionable service to all their guests. These are the most sought after hair stylists in the salon not only because of their advanced education level, but also because of their ability to act as mentors and educators to Bombshell stylists and guests alike.

Say bye-bye to bangs in your face. A quick snip will help you see things more clearly.

Bettie Page/Rockabilly styled bangs

Whatever the occasion, we'll craft a ravishing look that will wow everyone that sees you.

Whether you want to look like a classic ‘20s dame, sultry vintage vixen, or retro bombshell, we’ll style your hair into a classic old-school ‘do.

Includes scalp massage and blow dry

Hair coloring is both an art and a science. Our beauty experts are well-educated in the chemical processes necessary to achieve your perfect hue.

We'll lighten or color all new growth, so no-one ever needs to know you're not a natural blonde.

Not everyone loves the silver-fox look. If you want your grey gone, we’ll camouflage it with a washable dye. Includes beard and neck trim.

Ladies aren’t the only ones who get to play with color! Our stylists can dye your beard any hue you’d like.

This hot highlighting trend is applied with a freehand painting technique that allows the highlights to “peek” out from the rest of the hair.

With partial highlights, foils are placed on the top and sides of the head to add small touches of color and dimension.

Full highlights are just what they sound like—highlights all over! If you’re not sure which look will be best for you, our stylists will be happy to advise you.

Marilyn Monroe might have forever remained a brunette factory worker named Norma Jean if she had never taken the platinum plunge. If you're ready to follow in her footsteps, we'll lighten and then tone your hair to prevent a brassy tinge.

We’ll touch up all new growth so no one ever needs to know you’re not a natural blonde.

Consultation required prior to service. Magical, dreamy and funky haircolor trend.

Consultation required prior to service

This professional treatment provides serious frizz-fighting properties and lets you enjoy smooth, hydrated hair.

Consultation required prior to service. Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, this smoothing treatment actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

With this technique, extensions are fused onto the existing hair to add volume and length.

With the I-Tip technique, small bundles of hair are attached to the existing hair with a small bead, which is then crimped down to hold everything in place.

Tape-in extensions are thin wefts that are sandwiched in between rows of your own hair. This is the most popular and natural hair extension method.