Leg Waxing Near Me In Las Vegas, Nevada

Shaving, tweezing, and bleaching just aren’t doing the trick. At-home waxing kits and DIY hair removal solutions are leaving you more irritated than ever. Ever noticed the hair after you have shaved? Exactly! It’s back in a day, if not hours. We’ve heard it before and we’re just as tired of stubborn stubble as you are! 

Luckily, Bombshell Brazilian Waxing & Beauty Lounge in Las Vegas has the silky-smooth, soft-leg-secrets you’re looking for. We’ve got a better solution for removing unwanted hair growing on your stems – and it’s called a nice, fresh wax. Our approach to waxing leaves you feeling confident and sexy, with less mess and more time on your hands.

We like a hairless leg – and gals, do we know how to get them smooth! Quick, painless, and affordable, our full leg and half leg wax options keep Las Vegas ladies and gents confident and carefree from root to hip. Get rid of the bumps caused by shaving with razors and start waxing with the best wax and beauty lounge in Vegas.

We Specialize In Women And Men Leg Waxing

Full Leg Wax: The Whole Package

We maximize smoothness and minimize pain. Let’s turn your silky stems up a notch with a fabulous full leg wax!

Our Full Leg Wax Price:

$85 For The Ladies

$95 For The Gents

Half Leg Wax: Just A Little Bit

For those who want to dip their toes into the wonderful world of smooth legs. Ditch the razor and opt for the half leg wax!

Our Half Leg Wax Price:

$55 For The Ladies

$65 For The Gents

Leg waxing can be expensive, especially in Las Vegas – but not with Bombshell. Razors, tweezing, bleaching creams, chemicals and other hair removal products add up over time and the results just don’t last as long as a good ol’ fashioned wax! We keep you carefree and hair-free with high-quality, long-lasting leg waxing services at affordable prices. Bombshell Las Vegas waxing experts reduce the sting that causes redness and swelling, so you can be on your sassy way even faster.

Before we get started, we’ve got a few pro tips to ensure the skin is completely bare and you’re getting the most out of your wax. Not only will these help your legs stay smoother for longer, they’ll also keep you feeling calm, cool, and collected.

Let. That. Hair. Grow. It might be a challenge at first, but it’s time to trust the experts. Stop shaving, tweezing, or bleaching those astonishing stems for about three weeks and give your stubble a chance to breathe. That’ll give our wax something to hang on to and give you longer-lasting results

Take it easy with the fun stuff the night before! Avoid the alcohol and caffeine for about a day before your appointment – you’ll thank us

Unwind with some self-care and exfoliation, but skip the moisturizer. The night before, give them legs a lil’ scrub to shed the dead skin cells, soften your hair, and let us get a little closer to each follicle. It’s tempting, but drop the moisturizer the day of your appointment! Contact us so we can recommend exfoliating scrubs that will cleanse your hair and skin properly before a leg wax

Time for sweatpants! Or at the very least, some loose clothing. Tight clothes like your favorite skinny jeans can irritate a fresh leg wax.

If you have sensitive skin, grab some over-the-counter pain relievers like Advil and pop one about 30 minutes before your appointment. While our experts are trained to keep leg waxing as pain-free as possible, some of us experience more discomfort than others. Talk to us about pre-waxing topical numbing treatments if you need an added boost. Your esthetician will apply soothing treatments before you get started

Protect your legs with a dab of sunscreen after your leg wax. A freshly waxed leg is a bit more sensitive to the sun.

If you have a cut, abrasion, or irritated area, take a rain check! Our Las Vegas location has convenient hours. If your legs are irritated or inflamed, talk to us and reschedule. Your comfort and safety is our first priority.

At-home hair removal kits and DIY waxing can leave you burned, irritated, and a little hairier than you’d like to be. Plus, they can even increase the risk of bleeding and bruising post-wax. The first time you decide to wax at home just might be your very last. Bombshell Brazilian Waxing & Beauty Lounge in Las Vegas makes leg waxing easy, painless, and quick so you can get back to feeling like your beautiful Bombshell self in no time. Together, we can soften and reduce the amount of coarse hair that grows in thick!

We value healthy, hygienic waxing experiences and ensure each of our clients feel safe. If you have questions about our waxing process, let us know! The Bombshell Las Vegas leg waxing experts reduce swelling and prevent regrowth for long-lasting results.

Drastically Reduce Hair Growth From The Root

Let’s do this! Smooth, hairless legs are just a click or call away. Easily book online or give us a call – we’re happy to answer each and every one of your questions before we get started. The waxing experts at Bombshell Brazilian Waxing & Beauty Lounge in Las Vegas specialize in intimate area and body hair removal for a silky-smooth experience.