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If you’re looking to remove unwanted body hair by shaving, you might want to think again. At-home shaving just isn’t cutting it, or should we say waxing it. We know, we know! We aren’t fans of shaving or DIY waxing kits either. Which is why we went on a mission to become the best leg waxers in Richmond, VA. Banish unwanted hair from your neck all the way down to your ankles! Our method is less messy and removes hair all the way down to the root, so the results last longer.

Bombshell Brazilian Waxing & Beauty Lounge loves a nice smooth leg just as much as you do. We like to keep it quick and painless, and even offer pre-waxing numbing treatments to take it easy on your gams. Talk to us and we’ll apply soothing cream to help calm your skin, and your nerves, down.

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Our waxing pros start with a consultation to answer all of your waxing questions. Then we get to work, countless follicles at a time. Bombshell knows the ins and outs of stubborn hair growth and we’re ready to help you, too. We’re always here to answer questions, tell you about pre-service prep, and leg waxing aftercare.

Full Leg Wax!

Say goodbye to stubborn shaving irritation and hello smooth, silky stems! Bombshell’s waxing professionals get your legs looking fabulous while keeping the pain to a minimum. When you’re looking for full-blown smoothness, opt for the full leg wax at any of our Richmond, Virginia locations.

Our Full Leg Wax Price: $85

Half Leg Wax!

Just need a little bit? The half leg wax gets you in and out fast, taking care of your stubborn or problem areas. Some ladies and gents are blessed with thick, coarse hair just on their upper or lower leg, which is why you don’t pay for the whole lucious limb!

Shaving can irritate the most sensitive skin types, like dry skin. If you haven’t given leg waxing a try as an alternative to shaving, start with just half and avoid those awful-smelling chemical hair removal products. We’ll make sure your skin is left silky-smooth.

Our Half Leg Wax Price: $55

Bombshell believes leg waxing services should be affordable! Think about what you spend annually on razors and hair removal methods like tweezing or hair removal and bleaching creams. It’s probably more than you thought, and it’ll never last as long or deliver the results that regular leg waxing does. Our leg waxing services leave your skin hair free, so you can be the carefree goddess you’ve always wanted to be.

Reduce Ingrown Hairs Caused By Shaving And Wax Those Stems!

Whether you’re itching for a full leg wax or just half, there are a few things you need to know before we get started. These tips and tricks will help make your leg waxing even smoother (pun intended!).

    1. You gotta let that hair grow! It might sound a little strange, but hear us out. The wax needs a little somethin’ to hold on to and if your leg hair isn’t long enough, we can’t wax it properly. Plus, it’ll mess with your follicle cycle and allow for faster hair regrowth
    2. The night before, practice some good old fashioned self-care and exfoliate those legs! Give them a scrub to get rid of excess dead skin cells. This will help us get closer to your follicles for longer-lasting results, and soften the hairs from the root before applying the wax. Contact us so we can recommend a scrub that’s perfect for exfoliating.
    3. If you need some help getting through a waxing session, take some Advil or ibuprofen about a half-hour before your appointment. It’ll help minimize any discomfort you are experiencing. And if that doesn’t work like a charm, let us know you’d like some of our pre-waxing topical numbing agent.
    4. Try your very best to avoid caffeine and alcohol before you get those legs waxed. Doesn’t matter if you’re coming in for a half wax or full, just trust us on this one!
    5. Wear loose and comfortable clothing. Tight clothes can irritate your freshly waxed legs, and we don’t want any of that!

You deserve the best results that at-home kits and other hair removal techniques almost never deliver. Bombshell has several locations in and around Richmond, VA to make it nice n’ easy for you to get a professional leg wax that leaves you feeling fantastic. If you have questions, let us demystify the salon leg waxing process for you! Bombshell is dedicated to providing a healthy and hygienic waxing experience.

For All The Richmond Gals and Gents Who Like Smooth Gams

Let’s talk location! You’re always just a click, call, or short car ride away from happy, hairless legs. To reach all of our Richmond, VA locations, give us a ring or contact us online.


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