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Hey Doll Face!  How are those hands and feet looking? At Bombshell in Las Vegas we get them looking dazzling. Perfectly manicured nails are a must for any doll that wants to convey the message that they are at the top of their game. Oh and guys we put the finishing touch on your look with our Manicures and pedicures. Going around town looking unkempt is not an option in this town. We are the Las Vegas nail salon that delivers amazing results for guys and dolls.

Whether you want to have that au natural look with just some shine or you are after something a little more razzle-dazzle our highly skilled manicure staff can deliver exactly what you need. Choose from a full menu of professional manicure services at Bombshell and get the look that you love.

Pampered to Perfection

Whether you are placing a bet or grabbing that champagne flute your nails get noticed. There is something about perfectly coiffed hands that intrigues. You do not have to have a million bucks in the bank to look like you do with help from Bombshell! Proper nail care is important to your overall look. We deliver the manicure services that give you a finished polished look. Isn’t it time you pamper yourself with exceptional nail salon services from a salon that focuses on offering the best in nail service and the best in client care? We think so!

Sit Back and Enjoy a Wide Range of Manicure Services

At Bombshell Nail Salon in Las Vegas, we are all about making your nail salon experience exceptional. We have a range of manicure options that can fit right into your schedule. Whether you are pressed for time and need a quick polish change (our Atomic Manicure is ideal when time is of the essence) or you have time to sit and relax and let us pamper you, we have the ideal service.

Our luxe manicure is simply a delicious way to start your night out. It will rejuvenate your hands and perfect your nails. We use high-quality scrubs and masks that are made specially to revitalize the look and feel of your hands.

Fella’s we have not forgotten about you when it comes to manicures and pampering. You can try our Men’s Luxe Manicure to get ready for your next encounter. Our Paraffin Hydration treatment is great for both guys and dolls that want luxuriously soft hands.

Gel polish manicure, a full set of acrylic tips, fill in’s and more are all available in our welcoming, comfortable salon. Take advantage of our nail art techniques that will make your manicure stand out from the rest. When you want your results to be exceptional for all your nail service needs, Bombshell Nail Salon Las Vegas is the only place to go!

Let Our Nail Technician Help You Decide

There are a lot of different manicure options to choose from. Let our experienced nail technicians help you decide which option is going to help you reach your goals. We take the time to ask our clients how they want their nails to look so we can offer the best services to meet their needs.

We stay up to the minute with the services that we offer to ensure you stay right on trend with your nails!

Don’t Forget Those Piggies!

While you are here for your manicure you might as well get your pedicure done as well. Fingers and toes look better when they get their care at Bombshell. Manicure pedicure it even sounds better together! You can get both your hands and your feet looking and feeling their best in one appointment.

Professional nail services are not only for the glam of it, although we can glam those piggies up nicely, pedicures are also about the health of your feet. Long nights dancing can put some wear and tear on your feet. Our pedicure professionals can ease the pain and get your feet looking great.

Pedicure services at Bombshell are the perfect way to spend some time just sitting back and relaxing. Regular pedicures can help to keep your feet comfortable. Ingrown toenails that can sideline you from the dance floor can be addressed. Rough, tough skin on the heels (not an attractive look at all) will be erased and your feet will feel better than ever.

Try our Luxe pedicure services for guys and dolls that include foot massage and leg massage and a deep exfoliating scrub to get rid of all that dead skin. It is a calming experience that makes you feel perfectly cared for.

You can have it all with Bombshell! Book your waxing, hair, nails appointments and enjoy a complete day of spa salon treatments. Finish it all off with a spray tan to get that golden glow!

What Are You Waiting For? Book That Appointment!

Beautiful nails are a must whether they are on your hands or your feet. They tell the world that you are ready for anything and you are well-prepared to enjoy it all. Don’t settle for less than professional nail salons. Let’s get your hands and your feet looking great with some professional nail care services. 

Book your appointment right online to get the manicure and pedicure services you need to look and feel your best with Bombshell!

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All the frills. Includes previous ShellacGel Polish removal cuticle detail filing and hand massage