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Need Skin Care in Las Vegas? You are in the right place. At Bombshell our skin care treatments deliver the glowing results that help you feel great about your look. Doll face, you deserve to pamper that skin. Pampered skin rewards you with a glow that is hard to get any other way.

Skin care services in Las Vegas at Bombshell is delivered by professionals that understand what the skin needs to look healthy and feel WOW!

Professional Skin Care Makes the Difference in Your Look

If you are like most of us, you beat that face up regularly. Sun, makeup, swimming pools and more can leave your skin looking and feeling a little, well, sluggish. Don’t worry doll we have the perfect solution!  Professional skin care in Las Vegas is a must to revitalize that skin and reveal the glow waiting underneath it all.

Over the counter concoctions are made for the masses. It can be a hit or a miss. You never know what is going to work and what is not and worse, yet you may wind up causing more problems for your skin. At Bombshell we give your skin the professional edge.

Our skin care experts know exactly what it will take to whip your skin right into shape. Whether you are getting ready for a night on the town and opt in for our Red Carpet Facial or you want to get your fanny up to speed with the Bombshell Fanny Facial, professional care gives you the results that helps you love the skin you are in.

Besides you deserve a little “me” time. At Bombshell we are more than skin care, hair care and waxing we are a total experience. Our clients keep coming back because of our services AND because of the Bombshell experience.

Professional Pampering for All Skin Types

At Bombshell when you come to us for your skin care in Las Vegas, you are in good hands. Whether your skin is sensitive, oily, dry or suffering from a few late nights we have the perfect treatment option to get your skin back on track.

Our highly skilled aesthetician will evaluate your skin and never let you make a treatment choice that is not good for your skin. We are all about great results and we know to get those great results your skin care treatments must be custom fit to your skin type.

Let us help you get the care that nourishes your skin and really makes it dazzle. We love what we do, and it shows with every 100% satisfied client. You deserve to sit back and relax and let the professionals handle your skin care needs!

When you leave us, you will feel relaxed and confident about how your skin looks. Grab the gang and make it an event. Book a group experience to help you get ready for your big event!  Weddings, birthday party events, any time you and the gang need some bonding time is the perfect time to book your group!

High Quality Products Deliver High Quality Results

At Bombshell we do not skimp on the product quality to save a few bucks. We keep our services affordable but never by sacrificing quality products or care.  Each of our skin care treatments utilize the best the industry has to offer.

Here is where you will find the right skin care essentials that will nourish your skin and improve the look and feel.

We Help You Keep the Glow Going

We take your skin care personally and want you to continue a healthy skin care regime when you leave us. You can buy products here that we have used in your skin care treatment so that in between visits you can keep your glow going!

Choose from a range of products that are offered at Bombshell to help you take care of your skin. Look for discounts and deals to help you save on the “make you fabulous looking” goodies!

Not Just Your Face

Our skin care treatments do not just target your face. What about your backside? When is the last time it got some TLC? Unsightly bikini bumps are not attractive, we have a solution to fix that as well. Learn more about all our services and how they can transform the entire you!

What Are You Waiting For?

Doll you do not need a special occasion to make that skin say WOW! You do not need an excuse for great skin. Of course, if you have an event coming up, we invite you to come on in, but you should know you do not need an excuse to get pampered! Make your appointment now and get the skin care Las Vegas you deserve!

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The classic European facial includes skin analysis, deep cleaning double cleanse, steamy essential oil infused towels, exfoliation with a Clarisonic Brush and extractions, a relaxing massage that includes the face, neck, shoulders, arms & hands.. followed by a treatment mask and serum. Get 20% off 2 or more skincare products purchased with your first deluxe facial!

A blend of papaya pineapple mango. This non-chemical peel naturally rebalances regenerates and restores your skin using organic ingredients with medical effectiveness. Great for teens and pregnant clients

This service effectively treats environmental damage to noticeably improve skin elasticity tone texture. Your skincare specialist will determine which exfoliating treatment is best for you glycolic peel lactic acid peel Salicylic acid peel or a multivitamin peel. The result- smooth firm skin with a radiant glow.

This is to die for ..a deep cleansing exfoliation for a neglected body part. Feel confident when you back is exposed. This includes everything that comes with a normal facial warm steamy towels and massage

An exfoliating treatment for your bikini line that helps to eliminate ingrown hairs and unsightly red bumps Includes ingrown tweezing.

Don t laugh .those little bumps that you have on your behind are called folliculitis a build up of dead skin cells around your hair follicles and over 60 of us have this condition Alpha hydroxy acids are used to exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate. Your booty will be thong ready in no time