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It’s time to get glowing and beautiful! If you want a gorgeous spray tan, Bombshell is your best option for the perfect bronze glow without the harmful side effects of harsh sun or UV light exposure.

With over eight years of professional tanning experience, Bombshell spray tan stylists have what it takes to give you a guilt-free, sun-kissed bronze body you seek.  Our professionals are able to give you a high-quality airbrush spray tan with no creasing, no streaking, and no harmful UV rays that damage your skin. That way you can stay glowing and healthy—a sunny deal all around.

Bombshell spray tanning has options from touch ups all the way to spray tanning for competitive bodybuilders. From a little to a lot, Bombshell provides spray tanning solutions for any need.

Getting ready for your special day? Bombshell offers bridal spray tanning for the bride to be. Whatever your tanning need may be, Bombshell offers customized spray tanning solutions to help you achieve the look you want and so you can look your best. Spray tanning from Bombshell can help you look slimmer, more attractive as well as help hide some unsightly body blemishes such as scars, light acne, and stretch marks. Going to the beach and want to touch up those tanning lines before showing off that new hot bikini you just bought? Bombshell can handle that too. Whether you need a quick tan for a wedding, a prom, the beach, a date, a job interview, a bodybuilding competition or just to look great for whatever you may be doing, Bombshell can provide you with a quick and customized deep and sexy tan. Bombshell’s customized spray tanning service can even create a tan that is most suitable to your skin tone.

Some people burn or do not have the type of skin that can brown. Bombshell can help! If you have skin that is sensitive to the sun and ultraviolet rays but still want to look great, Bombshell’s spray tanning service is perfect for you. Even for those who are concerned with direct sun light and ultraviolet light exposure, our spray tanning services are safe, affordable and they work to achieve a sexy golden brown look that all your friends will envy.

Don’t cover up your beautiful skin because you feel like you look like a ghost. Instead, give our customized airbrush spray tan a try! We personalize the experience to develop that perfect look specific to you, your skin and your needs. The results last for up to a week and fade the same way a normal tan would over time. For the highest quality tanning, book an appointment at Bombshell today!

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Customized to suit your skin tone and tanning needs. This will last 5-7 days and will fade like a normal tan. Schedule your spray tan in Richmond now.

Focus your spray tan on a specific portion of your body. Tan either the upper or lower half of your body.

Express Tan offers the same fabulous color as our other solutions, but with the convenience of allowing you to bathe within 2-3 hours of the service.

With a photographer there capturing every moment of your special day, you want to look your absolute best on at your wedding. Get a beautiful glow for your wedding with our spray tan services.

A competition tan is designed to accentuate and highlight your muscle definition for bodybuilding and fitness competitions. It's recommended that you come in for two consecutive tanning sessions leading up to the event. We use ProTan solution and we are ProTan certified.