Schedule Your Spray Tan at Bombshell in Richmond, VA

Hey Doll, let’s get you golden! Bombshell is your tanning headquarters in Richmond, VA. Whether you do not have the time to lounge in the sun for hours to get that golden sun-kissed look, or you just do not want to drag your skin under harmful UV ray exposure, our professional high-quality HVLP spray tan service is just the ticket to a sexy golden skinned you!

You do not have to spend hours under damaging sun rays to look like you did. Our spray tanning system gives you the natural bronzing that you want and never turns your skin orange. Our custom airbrush tanning leaves your skin crease free and perfect tan. We deliver the golden tan that will make you feel great about your look.

Please Never Go There

You can get a sunless tan in a few different ways, but please do not do these two things. Do not bake yourself in a sunbed, and stay away from sunless tanners. Self-tanners will give you that orange blotchy glow that says, “I used a body bronzer,” and laying in a tanning bed can really cause some serious skin damage. We never want you to put your skin at risk or to walk around looking like you rolled in a bag of cheese puffs.

What’s A Doll or A Guy to Do?

You want that beautiful bronze to ramp up your look, but do you really want to bake away the day by the pool and leave your tan up to chance? This is not 1983; we all are well-aware now of what the sun can do to our skin. We know that the sun ages our skin and can cause the BIG C.  Pale skin is at a greater risk than dark complexion when it comes to sun dangers. A sunburn isn’t fun either, and it is not a cute look!

Of course, we are proponents of lounging by the pool but slather on the sunblock and get your sun-kissed glow from a high-quality airbrush spray tan instead. Spray tanning offers you more control over how bronzed you want your skin to be. It is the perfect way to protect your skin from the damage we know the sun can cause without sacrificing a beautiful bronze.

At Bombshell we use state of the art spray tan solution and airbrush equipment to ensure you get that streak free golden tan that is perfect for your skin tone.  Customized spray tanning services at Bombshell is the solution when you want to look your best but simply do not want to deal with the risks of sun exposure.

Let’s Chat About the Best Tan to Complement Your Skin Tone

One of the biggest reasons you need to stop in doll face and get your tan on is because of our Richmond spray tan technicians. We never want you to walk around without looking your best. A natural tan look is possible with the right tanning solutions at Bombshell.  Our tech will consult with you and give you some guidance as to what level of bronze will look best with your skin tone. You get the professional attention that you deserve to ensure you walk out of our Richmond spray tan studio looking fabulous.

Stay Golden With Spray Tanning Richmond, VA

Our spray tan services will last up to 5 to 7 days, long enough for you to show it off and strut your stuff while on vacay or out and about. Your Bombshell tan will fade naturally. Spray tanning Las Vegas or spray tanning Richmond, VA, at Bombshell delivers long-lasting results that never run or streak. Take advantage of our express spray tanning service, and feel free to hop in the shower after just a couple of hours. Bam! Just like that, you will be ready to hit the town and look your best!

With three tanning studios in Richmond, VA, one in Midlothian, Carytown, and Short Pump, spray tanning at Bombshell is a convenient way to get that golden tan look without any of the scary UV exposure threats. You can sport that gorgeous tan year-round. Spring, summer, winter and fall, there is nothing better than a tanned you!

Let Us Help You Get a Beautiful Natural Tan Look

There are a few steps to take before your tanning appointment. The day before your appointment, exfoliate your whole body to slather away those dead skin cells. Make sure you really get those elbows and knees nicely scrubbed. We have a body scrub that you can purchase before your appointment that will get your skin nice and smooth and ready for your tanning.

Shave before your Richmond spray tanning appointment, or make a waxing appointment at Bombshell to make sure no hair gets in the way of your spray tan. We ask that you wear or bring with you dark-colored loose-fitting clothes like your favorite sweats to wear after your appointment. Tight clothes can rub off the dihydroxyacetone (DHA) before it has time to really settle in.

Lay off the moisturizing the day off to make sure your lotion does not interfere with the spray tan solutions. You can also leave off the deodorant for the appointment.  We will give you protective eyewear to keep your peepers safe.

Our Richmond tanning technicians can spray tan you in the buff, or you can use our disposable undergarments. Of course, feel free to wear the undergarment of your choice. We recommend a dark-colored thong. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about the process and what you can do before your appointment to make sure you get the best results.

Book your appointment and get your golden glow on at Bombshell in Richmond, VA! 

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Customized to suit your skin tone and tanning needs. This will last 5-7 days and will fade like a normal tan.

Solution may rinse off in 3-4 hours.