Sugaring Las Vegas

Sugaring Hair Removal in Las Vegas

Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian hair removal method that uses an all-natural paste consisting of natural ingredients such as sugar, water and lemon juice to remove hair. Unlike waxing, sugar paste can be applied to an entire area without drying out, making it a sweet deal for anyone who wants their Las Vegas hair removal treatment to be speedy. 

Like waxing, sugaring removes unwanted hair from the root, but unlike waxing, it also removes the inner root sheath that encapsulates the hair. This means that sugaring can lead to finer hair growth over time and potentially permanent hair reduction when done regularly at a Fremont salon like Bombshell.

What Is Sugaring?

During a body sugaring session, the sugaring paste is applied to the skin and removed in the direction of the hair growth, which decreases the chances of hair breakage or ingrown hairs. The sugar paste also does not stick to live skin cells, unlike waxing, which means less discomfort and less damage to the skin. Because there is less skin irritation, the sugar paste can be applied multiple times to the same area of skin, and may be a better method of body hair removal for those with sensitive skin. 

Sugaring is a speedier and less painful alternative to waxing, as more sugar paste can be applied to the body, letting more body hair be removed at once. The sugar is also water soluble, meaning that it can easily be cleaned off with water. 

Benefits of Sugaring for Hair Removal

The sugar substance that is used in this service is all natural and has no harmful side effects. Because of the nature of the application and hair removal treatment, there are less ingrown hairs, damage to the skin, and irritation than with other types of hair removal services. 

With less discomfort throughout the entire hair removal procedure, sugaring is one of our favorite ways to remove unwanted hair and leave you with soft, smooth skin. And because of the gentle nature of sugar wax, it is safe for the whole body, from facial hair to more sensitive areas and even the bikini line. 

How Does Sugaring Work at Our Las Vegas Salon?

In a Las Vegas sugaring hair removal session with Bombshell, the sugar wax is applied at body temperature to prevent burning. The warm sugar paste is applied onto the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. After hardening for a few seconds, it is then removed in the natural direction of hair growth. A typical sugaring session at our Las Vegas salon lasts 30 minutes and generally lasts 3-5 weeks before another session is required. 

Bombshell offers sugaring services for women and men alike. Men can remove excessive back and chest hair or even get a Rio Brazilian to get ready for the beach. Whether you’re looking to remove hair from your legs, eyebrow, or even more get rid of pesky hairs in intimate areas, Bombshell provides practically painless hair removal for men and women, to make you hair free and smooth.

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Want to learn more about sugaring, and other types of hair removal methods, or are you ready to get started with your sugaring session in the Fremont area? Schedule an appointment at our Las Vegas hair removal salon and get ready for silky smooth, luxurious, loveable skin.

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All hair gone including on the labia butt. With or without a landing strip. Includes the happy trail as well.

Includes the crack.

Ohh la la. Higher cut closer in. Includes the happy trail as well.

Includes the crack.

Includes the happy trail as well.

For male genitalia. We take all the hair off including the genitals and between the cheeks. Leave a landing strip if you prefer.

A French Bikini wax that includes the butt for those that prefer to stay in France but are thinking about visitng Brazil. Includes the happy trail as well.