Waxing Las Vegas

Waxing Las Vegas – Be Ready for Anything!

Waxing Las Vegas is what we do! Bombshell delivers the spa waxing experience that gets you ready for anything. Men and women rave about the Las Vegas waxing services at Bombshell because we deliver exceptional services that exceed expectations.

As the premiere waxing studio in Vegas we have perfected the art of ditching that unwanted hair and doing it painlessly. Your silky skin will make you feel confident in anything you wear, or don’t wear. It’s Vegas baby, you got to be ready for anything!

What You Need to Know About Waxing Las Vegas

There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to waxing that a lot of people just do not know. For example, one of the biggest mistakes someone can make is taking the do it yourself route. There are just some body parts, no matter how flexible you are, that you just can’t reach. Besides the waxing products you buy over the counter can’t compare to the high-quality goods we use.

DIY waxing can leave you with severe burns. It can be dangerous. Most experts agree that at home waxing is something that should be avoided.

At Bombshell we know that high quality products, a welcoming environment and a skilled set of hands deliver the unmatched results you deserve.

Waxing is Not for Everyone!

We want every client that walks through our door to enjoy their results. We also want to make sure that waxing is safe for you!

If you currently use creams prescription or over the counter that contains Retinol, Retinoids or Vitamin A or topical antibiotics you will have to discontinue use 14 days before your appointment. If you are on other medication like oral steroids, Accutane or antibiotics we also ask that your last dose was 14 days before your appointment.

If you are on blood thinner’s, we ask that you consult with your physician about waxing services.

We are of course, happy to answer any questions or concerns that you have!

Here are some waxing appointment do’s:

Exfoliate before your appointment -night before is good -day of is not so good
Grab some Advil on your way out the door to help ease discomfort
Try to relax before your appointment but lay off the adult libations (don’t drink any alcohol)
Have some decaf the day of-caffeinated drinks should be avoided

Here is some waxing appointment don’ts:

Don’t shave for 3 weeks -waxing cannot pull out razor stubble-don’t shave in between waxing appointments
Don’t forget to use some sunscreen immediately following your appointment skin may be more sensitive
Don’t moisturize the day of your appointment-moisturize up to the day before
Don’t keep your appointment if there is an abrasion, cut or inflammation in the area to be waxed

Waxing can give you great results especially if you do your part to get prepared. One of the best ways to ensure you do not have complications for intimate area waxing is to make sure you keep the area clean after waxing.

How We Wax at Bombshell

At Bombshell your waxing experience starts with a consultation with one of our waxing experts. Whether it is brows or backs we take the time to give you the details on what to expect. We use high-quality proprietary hard wax that seamlessly rids you of unwanted hair while leaving your skin feeling amazing.

We take care of the hair on your face, arms, back, buttocks, bikini areas, bellies, legs and more with professional waxing services. Expect focused attention when you come in for your waxing appointment. We are all about pampering you and helping you to look and feel great.

Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin, we have you covered at Bombshell. Our Las Vegas waxing services are tailor fit to all skin types. We offer numbing cream to our clients that have exceptionally sensitive skin. The numbing cream that we use will ensure that you stay comfortable throughout your hair removal treatment.

We do ask that you allot an extra 30 minutes for your appointment if you are requesting numbing cream to manage your waxing service. We have the solution for every skin type and every part of your body at Bombshell!

Let’s Do This!

Whether this is the first time you are getting waxed or you get waxed regularly, Bombshell will make it an exceptional experience. Get rid of unwanted hair and boost your confidence. Get that soft silky feeling that makes you feel great all over. Book your appointment right online and let us work our magic!


Las Vegas
150 N Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Between the cheeks only.

Hollywood here you come! Your brow wax includes a consultation for your best brow design, shaping, trimming, and suggestions for upkeep.

All hair gone including on the labia & butt. With or without a landing strip.Includes the happy trail as well.

Bombshell brows minus the wax!

Includes surface of cheeks and between the cheeks.

Ohh la la. Higher cut, closer in bikini wax. Turn that French into a TWEENIE by including the butt... for those that prefer to stay in France but are thinking about visiting Brazil. ;)Includes the happy trail as well.

Lips, chins, sides of face. Does not include brows

Brazilian, but add a heart shaped landing strip. Very sexy!

Between the cheeks only.

Buh bye unibrow! Gentlemen of a certain age.. this can take years off your face!

Includes surface of cheeks and between the cheeks.

Neck to sternum.

For male genitalia. We take all the hair off including the genitals and between the cheeks. Leave a landing strip if you prefer.

Sternum to just below the belly button.

A French Bikini wax that includes the bum…for those that prefer to stay in France but are thinking about visiting Brazil. ;) Includes the happy trail as well.