Waxing Tips

Waxing Tips

You’ve decided to book an appointment for our professional, affordable waxing services. But now you are wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into as the appointment approaches. First of all, don’t panic! We’re here to provide you with a comfortable experience that meets all of your needs. However, to help calm your nerves before your appointment, review these helpful tips to make your waxing service as stress-free and painless as possible. At Bombshell, we use our own signature techniques to perform practically painless waxing. Whether a lip or brow wax, a Brazilian Bikini, a heart-shaped landing strip, and even between the cheeks, our waxing and sugaring experts will make sure you feel beautiful and ready for any occasion.

Medications That Affect Waxing


We can not wax any part of your body until you have been off of this medication for 1 year or more.

Medications that can affect facial waxing

Any prescription and over-the-counter Retinols (Retin A, Renova,etc.), Differin, Adapalene, Tretinoin etc. These topical treatments need to be discontinued at least seven days prior to your appointment.

Prescription topical creams/gels

Topical creams/gels that can be used to treat Rosacea and Acne (Finacea, Metro Gel) need to be discontinued at least 7-10 days prior to waxing. Please consult your physician about how long the product should be discontinued before waxing if you are using anything that contains:
Benzamycin, Benzaclin, Benzamycin, Epiduo, any prescription strength Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Topical Steroid Creams.

Oral medications that can affect all waxing services

Blood thinners (Coumadin), oral steroids (Prednisone), antibiotics and certain other topical and oral medications can thin out your skin and make it extremely sensitive to waxing.

Laser resurfacing, laser hair removal, injectable fillers, and/or plastic surgery in the area to be waxed

You will need to wait at least two weeks post-treatment to be waxed. For chemical peels, Fotofacials, or other IPL light treatments, you will need to wait about seven days post-treatment to be waxed.

Waxing Tips: Before Your Appointment


The pain that is associated with waxing usually comes from the tension that builds from anticipation. The more relaxed you are, the less discomfort you will feel during your waxing service. Look at your waxing as a pampering experience!

For any waxing appointment

We recommend that you exfoliate the area to be waxed the night before your appointment. This will rid the area of any dead skin build up and greatly reduce the chances of ingrown hairs.

For any waxing service to be effective

You must have at least three weeks of hair growth or more. This is extremely important for first-time clients that have been shaving. We can’t wax stubble. Maintaining Keeping on a waxing schedule of 4-5 weeks is crucial very important because over time, the hair releases from the follicle with ease and your growth will begin to thin out.

Consult with your waxing specialist

Consult with your waxing specialist and your doctor about any medications you may be on before your waxing service. The above medical tips are a good place to start.

48 hours prior to your appointment

Lay off all of your over-the-counter anti-aging and acne products containing acids for 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Don’t consume alcohol or caffeine before your waxing!

These can enhance the discomfort felt because they cause increased sensitivity. Save the partying for after your waxing service.

Take Advil

Take Advil (ibuprofen) 30-45 minutes before your service.

Sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, we have a product called BareEase for purchase. This is a topical numbing cream that needs to be applied 30 minutes before you get waxed.

Shy about waxing?

We understand that menstruation might make you shy about your bikini waxing appointment. Have no fear! We deal with this every day. You might be slightly more tender, but using the BareEase product and pain reliever works wonders!

Waxing Tips: Aftercare

Your first wax will remove the majority of hair that has grown above the skin. Because hairs grow in different cycles, your next few waxes will remove the hairs that were growing below the skin’s surface but have now sprouted above the skin. After three to four waxing appointments, all of your hairs should be growing in the same cycle, resulting in longer lasting smooth skin! Caring for the newly waxed area is incredibly important. The skin will likely be a little tender and red post-wax, but there are some steps you can take to make sure your newly waxed skin remains healthy and smooth.

Consistency is key!

Maintaining a waxing schedule is important as if you shave between appointments, your subsequent wax could feel just like the first. Shaving can cause more problems than it solves, so put the razor down.

Maintain a facial cleansing regimen post-wax

This will help to prevent ingrown hairs and clear dead skin cells from the waxed area to keep your pores healthy and clear

Use Finipil

We highly recommend that you use Finipil, a waxing aftercare product, following your waxing service. Your hair follicles are open for 24 hours post-waxing. This post-treatment cream kills 99.999% of bacteria, which prevents infection of the empty hair follicles. It cools by dropping the temperature of the empty follicle, freezing away swelling due to water retention, hot showers, or physical workouts. Finipil also protects against ingrown reduces hairs and redness.

Avoid wearing tight underwear

Avoid wearing tight underwear for 2-3 days post bikini wax. Your simple cotton panties will be ideal.

Sex after waxing

Friction on the skin can cause it to become inflamed, so in the nicest possible way, try to keep your pants on for at least 24 hours after any bikini waxing.

No tanning beds or hot tubs

DO NOT use tanning beds or hot tubs for at least two days post-wax.


After two days, start using the complimentary exfoliating glove we send home with you on the areas waxed to help combat ingrown hairs. You need to be doing this every day.

Waxing Tips from the Professionals: Preparation and Aftercare

Waxing provides you with smooth skin because it is hair removal, and physical exfoliation all packed into one! Contact us today to set up a professional, practically pain-free waxing service at one of our many locations!