Bombshell has recently welcomed Dr. Travis Shaw as our very own medical director where he consults for Botox and cosmetic injectables at both of our Richmond locations.

Dr. Shaw obtained his BA in East Asian Studies at Washington and Lee University. He spent two and a half years teaching English in Japan before pursuing graduate studies at the University of Virginia. Dr. Shaw completed medical school and his residency training at VCU?s Medical College of Virginia. He is also board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Over time, effects from our environment, stress and fatigue cause aging to appear on our face, often long before it does on the rest of our body. Dr. Shaw offers a variety of cosmetic procedures to help with your facial cosmetic needs.


The Natural Look. The Natural You.

A Pure and Organic approach to rejuvenation.

Dr. Shaw has developed a new technique and overall philosophy for looking your best by highlighting the natural, pure you. He provides the newest and most minimally invasive facial rejuvenation that leaves no evidence that work has been done. He calls it simply; the Natural Look. This concept focuses on highlighting your own natural beauty by maximizing your most attractive features and downplaying any less desirable features. Dr. Shaw downplays these less desirable features with a minimum amount of downtime and discomfort. The goal of the Natural Look is to enable each individual to communicate vitality, health, and wellness in every part of their life. Dr. Shaw does this by subtly, yet powerfully enhancing facial features.

The goal is to enhance your own natural beauty without looking overdone. Dr. Shaw will always recommend a conservative, subtle approach to facial rejuvenation rather than a radical change.

What are the features that make someone attractive? There are literally hundreds of books, articles, and TV programs that have attempted to answer this question. Dr. Shaw takes a very simple approach to beauty via the Natural Look. To Dr. Shaw, the answer to this question is your own features.

By carefully analyzing different features of your face and applying his artistic eye and scientific concepts, Dr. Shaw will recommend an individually customized treatment plan to bring out the pure you.

Your Botox or Filler Treatments

Bruising: Bruising after treatment is the most common problem for patients. Dr Shaw makes every attempt to minimize bruising by using a very gentle technique, blunt cannulas for fillers and cold packs before and after.

Tips to minimize bruising:

  • Stop taking Aspirin, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Vitamin E or Ginkgo 10 days prior and 2 days after any injection.
  • Avoid more than 1-2 alcoholic drinks 24 hours before and after.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for about 12 hours after treatment, walking is fine.
  • Use a cold pack for the first 24 hours to help bruising. After 24 hours alternate warm and cool compresses to the treated areas for 2 days.
  • Some patients have had good success using Arnica supplements.
  • You may use concealer makeup to cover irregularities.
  • Swelling or lumpiness: About 12-24 hours after injection it is not uncommon to have some swelling, redness, or the appearance of unevenness in treated areas. This is more common in the areas under the eyes and lips. On average it takes about 7 days for the effects of the products to settle. During this time, one side of the face may appear different from the other. This asymmetry will settle with time. If you notice a distinct lump after filler, it will help to gently massage with moisturizer or anti-bruising cream for 10 minutes 3-4 times a day.

Botox & Bubbly Parties!

We love a reason to throw a party! Join Dr. Shaw at Bombshell in West Broad Village for a bubbly beverage, light hors d?oeuvres and of course, Botox and injectable fillers at a discounted rate!

Dr. Shaw offers Botox for only $11.00 a unit as well as a special on Juvederm Ultra ? purchase two syringes and get $200.00 off!

Visit our Facebook page for upcoming party dates and additional specials!

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To learn more about Dr. Shaw and other services he offers, please visit his website here.