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Bombshell Brazilian Waxing and Beauty Lounge in Richmond, VA has you looking gorgeous, confident, and fresh every time you step a fabulous foot in our hair salon. We’re the award-winning team of beauty experts specializing in making people feel their absolute best (plus we like to have a little fun while you’re here). Stop by or make an appointment today to check out the best hair salon Richmond has to offer.

With several convenient locations and a talent for stunning cuts and colors, Bombshell is ready to take your style to the next level. What are you waiting for, hot stuff?

Richmond, VA

Get ready to embrace your individuality and define your own unique style with the help of a Bombshell hair artist. There’s nothing we love hearing more than “root touch-up” or “brand new all-over color.” Bang trims or complete new cuts and highlights get us giddy. Show us the exciting looks you’ve come across on Instagram or Pinterest. Let’s talk bobs, lobs, and color corrections – we’re all ears and skill over here, baby.

Hair Coloring Services in Richmond, VA

Let’s make your dream a reality, darling! From simple trims to style overhauls, Bombshell stylists are ready and excited to give you that extra je ne sais quoi you’ve been craving. We’re top-rated among the best hair salons in Richmond, VA for a reason. We deliver fabulously stunning results and have a very long list of happy clients who come back to us, again and again.

Hairstyling is an art and a science. Bombshell only employs stylists who have the undeniable talent, and a demonstrated mastery of the best techniques, required to create exquisite looks. Our artists use their skills and know-how to create show-stopping styles for each and every client who takes a seat in our salon chairs. Be careful when you walk out of one of our Richmond hair salons! Your new style might just cause a (breathtaking) scene!

Bombshell wants you out and about and showing off, not driving all over the city. We have three ultra-convenient locations, with hair salons sprinkled all over the Richmond area, so you can spend more time strutting your stuff instead of stuck in traffic. Book an appointment with any one of our talented artists today to change your look, and change your life.

Hair Coloring Services in Richmond, VA

Being stuck in a hair rut is the absolute worst. One way to breathe new life into your locks is by changing up the color. There are many fun ideas, hair color techniques, and hair colors to choose from, which is why you want to work with a hair coloring expert. Below we will showcase and explain the details of several hair color styles that you would be able to choose from. One of them might just be what you’ve been looking for all along. Next time you visit your local Bombshell salon, remember the information on this page so you can tell your hair colorist what look you want to achieve!


This pretty-sounding French term, which means to sweep or paint, also has a very pretty effect on hair. During a Balayage service, which is a highlighting technique, a colorist paints bleach or hair color on the surface of your hair by hand. The colorist doesn’t saturate the entire section with hair dye. The result is soft, natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights that easily blend in as hair grows longer.


In this hair color technique, your root hair color gradually fades into a much lighter hair color at the ends, such as blonde. If your hair isn’t already dark, you may want your colorist to deepen your natural shade at the roots for a more dramatic Ombre. Balayage is the technique while Ombre is an end look. Your colorist will use the Balayage technique to achieve an Ombre.


Consider Sombre the subtler, softer sibling of Ombre. With this method, there’s a lower contrast between the hair at the roots and the hair at the ends, and the dark shade at the roots subtly gradates into the color at the ends for a more seamless blend. Some enchanting versions of Sombre are Blonde Sombre, Caramel Sombre, and Mocha Sombre.

Fluid Hair Painting

Similar to Balayage, fluid hair painting also involves painting the surface of the hair. The only difference is that with fluid hair painting, hair color is applied with your head leaned back against a table. With your hair fanned out on the surface, your colorist will have more control over the look of your hair since the colorist will be able to see how the hair colors melt with each other. The technique creates such stunning results that it is becoming a popular way to pull off natural-looking and fantasy hair color trends like mermaid or opal hair.


Highlights are sections of hair dyed lighter than your natural shade. They can be used to give hair dimension, accentuate facial features or slim down your face. They’re the opposite of lowlights, which are strands of hair that are dyed darker than your natural shade. To add highlights to your hair, your colorist may use one of two techniques which are foil highlighting and Balayage.

Babylight or Baby Blonde Highlights

The Babylight or baby blonde highlighted look consists of tiny subtle highlights that resemble the sun-kissed highlights you’d get around your hairline as a child. They get their delicate appearance due to the very small amounts of dyed hair that are separated and placed in each foil.


To achieve Splashlights, your colorist paints a streak of bleach across your hair and dyes the sections above and below it in a color similar to your natural shade. The result is a head-turning halo of color that works with any length. The looks were inspired by nightclub strobe lights, emphasizing where the light would hit the hair with a splash of color.

Hair Gloss

A hair gloss treatment closes the cuticle and the hair, leading to smoother, shinier and less frizzy hair. In tinted form, it’s a great ammonia-free, semi-permanent alternative to classic hair dye. If you already have colored hair, applying a gloss can help maintain your hair color, correct brassiness and deepen or tone down color. If you don’t want to change your hair color but want to reap the shiny benefits, you can use clear gloss, instead.

Silver Blonde

The rising popularity of this hair color proves gray is gorgeous at any age. To achieve a dreamy silver blonde shade, hair is bleached to a very light, almost white-blonde first. Then a purple toner is applied to remove any yellow tones before a gray hair dye mixture is applied.


A new take on red hair color, Ronze is a blend of coppery red and bronze, making it a particularly striking, vibrant hue. In terms of how wearable it is, it flatters a range of skin tones since it’s a blend of warm coppery red and cool bronze colors.

So as you can see there are many hair color techniques to choose from however not all techniques and styles are suitable for everyone. It is important to consider skin tone and hairstyle when choosing a hair coloring that is most suitable for that gorgeous look you are seeking. When selecting a hair color that is right for you should determine whether you have a cool or warm skin tone. Eye color is also important when considering hair color.

This may sound confusing but it’s not as bad as you think. Here is a highly informative chart and checklist you can use to help in selecting the right hair coloring for you: Hair Coloring Selection Chart & Check List.

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts and you will have a much easier time trying to determine the right hair color for you. If you are still unsure, the hair professionals of Bombshell in Richmond will be able to help you in choosing the best hair color.

Classic, Chic, or Contemporary

Whatever Your Aesthetic, Bombshell Gets It

Our award-winning services always wow when you look in the mirror. Not sure what you’re ready for? Ask one of our hair artists for a consultation. Bombshell defines styles and trends, so we know what works best with different face shapes, hair colors, and commitment levels. If you know you need a change, but can’t quite put your finger on it, come on in! Honey, that’s what we’re here for.

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Indulge in an extraordinary salon and spa experience. Bombshell is more than just hair cuts. We offer transformations and rejuvenation at our full-service salons in Richmond catering to all genders. We specialize in all hair types and textures and include a quality blow dry with most of our hair services.

Be sure to ask your artist about creating a personalized hair care routine to preserve the life of your new cut or color. We can give you the scoop on how to protect your hair while styling your locks with heat. Simply put, we believe healthy hair is beautiful hair.

Pamper Your Luscious Locks & Treat Your Tresses

You heard right, we also do wedding hair! Visit our weddings page to learn more about how to make your day picture perfect with the help of the Bombshell beauty team.

The Curly Hair Cut cutting technique is a revolutionary method for cutting curly tresses! The hair is cut dry in its natural state, curl by curl. This allows our artists to customize each client's hair according to curl type and hair density. Experience dramatic results with this service, eliminating frizz and the Pyramid effect from curly haircuts gone bad. Our Curly Girl trained artists will educate you on how to care and style your curly hair, long after your salon visit is over. Fall in love again with your curly hair with the “Curly Girl” cut at Bombshell. Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes scalp massage and blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Platinum card service -- a foil technique to achieve platinum blonde, without dimension; for any hair textures. Requires Consultation. 

Platinum card service -- a foil technique to achieve platinum blonde, without dimension; for any hair textures. This service includes a haircut. Requires Consultation.  

Platinum card service --  touch up.

Platinum touch up with a haircut.

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Includes blow dry

Body wave with curly set. Includes blow dry