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Sugaring for Hair Removal vs. Traditional Waxing

Hey Dollface! Wondering what sugaring is and how sugaring is used for hair removal? This latest trend is actually an ancient technique that uses a natural sugar paste to protect and exfoliate your skin while still effectively removing hair from your face arms legs and more intimate areas. Ready to try it out for yourself? Choose the location near you above to view all of our sugaring services at our professional waxing salons in Las Vegas or Richmond. More info below.

Sugaring to Remove Hair from the Face & Body in Las Vegas, NV and Richmond, VA

As the leading professional sugaring salon in Richmond and Las Vegas, Bombshell offers all the affordable sugaring services for hair removal you need with a feeling of old-Hollywood glam. Our wax and sugar experts in Las Vegas and Richmond are trained in all-body sugaring and specialize in Brazilian waxing and sugaring to deliver a practically painless experience. Bombshell has it all including a traditional Brazilian, your back, arms, chest, or legs.  Sugaring at Bombshell helps protect your skin and leave it smooth, silky and hair free for weeks.  Bombshell wax and sugar experts also are artistic masters of brow shaping as well as sugaring for the top of your lip, chin, and sides of your face. Choose just one of these services or any combination.

sugaring hair removal
Hair Removal for Men Using Sugaring

Sugaring for Irritation-Free Intimate Hair Removal

Getting ready for the beach, pool or just to treat yourself? Bombshell’s sugaring experts offer professional practically painless hair removal in Las Vegas and Richmond for your more intimate areas. Plenty to choose from with the traditional Brazilian Bikini, the classic French Bikini, to a heart shaped landing strip, Bombshell delivers everything under the sun making sure to leave your skin hair-free and smooth.

Hair Removal for Men Using Sugaring in Richmond, VA & Las Vegas, NV

Gentlemen, are you ready to look young, fierce, and sexy? We will get rid of your unwanted hair. At Bombshell, our sugar experts provide professional sugaring hair removal for men. Remove pesky unibrows, excessive back and chest hair, and even get a Rio Brazilian to get ready for the beach or pool. Simply call our Las Vegas or Richmond location to learn how sugaring hair removal for men works and schedule an appointment with our experts today!  Online booking available!

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