Best Brazilian Waxing in Richmond, VA

Do you dream of smooth, silky skin? So do we! At Bombshell Brazilian Waxing & Beauty Lounge, our team of professional, highly skilled estheticians use techniques to leave you pain free and feeling fabulously sexy. There are many hair removal methods, such as shaving, sugaring, tweezing, or laser hair removal, but these methods do not get you the same, smooth result a Brazilian wax can, and the results won’t last nearly as long. Nobody wants to be wasting all that time shaving all the time, anyway. Say goodbye to razor burn and bumps on your bum… and hello to satisfyingly smooth skin!

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Brazilian Wax Services | Richmond, VA

We only use the best available hard wax to ensure an optimal waxing. At Bombshell of Richmond, VA, the following Brazilian Wax services are available:

Full Brazilian Bikini Wax – $60 

Rio Brazilian Wax – $70: For male genitalia. We take all the hair off including the genitals and between the cheeks. Leave a landing strip if you prefer.

If you are ready to book your Brazilian Wax appointment, click here to book now with a licensed esthetician. Are you looking for a wax somewhere else on your beautiful body, like your eyebrows or underarms? You can see our full list of waxing services here. Still not sure if you’re ready? Continue reading to find out about the benefits of waxing, and some before and after care tips to help you prepare for your appointment.

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Benefits of a Brazilian Wax

As we mentioned earlier, there are multiple methods you can use to remove unwanted hair; however, more and more women (and men!) are choosing to wax over more traditional methods like shaving or tweezing. Some of our favorite benefits of Brazilian Bikini Waxing include:

  • Results last longer
  • No cuts or nicks
  • Zero razor burn or bumps
  • Low risk of ingrown hairs
  • Virtually painless
  • Softer, smoother skin
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Before And After Care Tips

Whether this is your first Brazilian or your hundredth, you should always properly care for your intimate area before and after your appointment. By doing so, you are reducing the chance of pain or discomfort during the hair removal session while increasing how long the results will last. So, what should you do to prepare before your Brazilian Wax appointment?

We recommend your pubic hair be at least ¼” in length, which is approximately 10-15 days of regrowth, when you arrive for your appointment. You should plan your grooming habits around your appointment to get the maximum waxing benefit. If you come in with stubble, we will ask you to reschedule your appointment, since the results would probably not be up to our usual high standards. 

Additionally, it is highly recommended that you avoid stimulants such as caffeine or alcohol before your appointment. You can use lotion “downtown,” but only if it isn’t oil-based. Lastly, if you have any piercings in or around the areas that will be waxed, you will need to remove all jewelry to prevent infection or damage. 

During your appointment at Bombshell Waxing Salon, you will be pampered by our friendly staff. We will do everything we can so you can feel comfortable and relaxed during your time with us. Providing the best care is our top priority, so we want to make sure you are taken care of in the way you deserve to be. If you notice any stray hairs that were missed during the waxing process, let us know immediately and we will remove the strays from your nether regions.

After your Brazilian Wax treatment, there are some things you should avoid for the 24-48 hours following your appointment. Your skin will be delicate, meaning it will require special care. We highly recommend you do not:

  • Take a hot shower or bath
  • Sunbathe or use tanning beds
  • Wear tight clothing (your lady parts will need to breathe!)
  • Apply perfumed products, powders, deodorants, or antiperspirants
  • Scrub, rub, or touch the waxed area 

If you are feeling any pain or discomfort after your waxing session, we recommend taking some ibuprofen or using a numbing cream to ease the pain. You should also wipe the waxed area clean using a warm washcloth or baby wipe to remove any leftover wax or oil to prevent irritation, clogged pores, and bumps. This is especially important if your skin tends to be  on the sensitive side.

Additionally, you should be aware of the some common side effects associated with Brazilian Waxing. Irritation and redness are very common, especially after the first couple of sessions. Bruising is also possible; however, if you are experiencing pain “down there” 3-4 days after your appointment, let us know and we can provide information as to why this may be happening. Lastly, to ensure your safety, our estheticians are trained to use new, hygienic materials only. 

Quick & Affordable Brazilian Waxing Treatment

It’s true, waxing is one of the best hair removal methods available, when it is done right. With our professional waxing services, you will be left with exceptionally smooth skin with a rejuvenated sense of self-confidence. For quick, long-lasting results, book your Brazilian Wax appointment today!